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ITA Matrix Momondo / Kayak Google Flights MIGHTY TRAVELS PREMIUM
$7.99 / month
Average Time to Search Completion 30-60 seconds 30-60 seconds 10-30 seconds 2 seconds
Flexible date Search Yes, 30 days at a time +/- 3 days (Kayak only) Calendar Pop-up for Flex Search (slow) 365 days
Nearby Airports Yes, up to 2,000 miles, departure airports MUST be in the same country, randomized search so adding airports decreases search results drastically Yes, 25 miles only Up to 10 airports for destination/ departure – reduces search results, not all routes searched Full support up to 11,000 miles of nearby airports
Search a whole continent for the best fare
Departure /Destination Zones 11 distinct departure and destination regions
Cabin Classes Yes, but separate search Yes, but separate search Yes, but separate search Yes, all search results at once
Direct Booking Link No (only with additional tools) Yes Yes, but best results often require to 'call the airline' Yes, several OTAs and Meta Search Engines included for the best price
Notification Options Fare Alerts per city (Economy) and Business/ First for specific city/ date pair Specific Airports/ Date pair only Fully flexible, Filter by zone, unlimited airports, cabin class, flexible dates etc.
Deal Notification for Urgent Deals in Real Time SMS/ Email notification for urgent deals & mistake fares